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At Ascent Data, we manage IT differently. Our services focus on helping your business grow through the right technology, going beyond just maintaining your infrastructure to provide a truly proactive partnership with businesses in Pittsburgh and the western PA, Ohio, and West Virginia area.

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Our Unique Approach to Managed IT Services

Our managed services give you:

When you partner with Ascent Data for managed IT services, we:

  • Protect you from IT risk through a new approach to IT infrastructure and support, which decreases business interruptions and frustrations
  • Work directly with organization leadership to reduce risk, increase resiliency, and prepare for the future
  • Leverage our 125+ proprietary standards for IT environments, use industry-leading automation tools, and apply vetted processes to deliver better outcomes
  • Provide cloud hosting services and a secure disaster recovery site at our company-owned, AICPA SOC2-audited data center

What Makes Managed IT Services from Ascent Data Different

A Strategic Technology Partner

We’ll know that we’ve succeeded when your business is succeeding. That’s why we go beyond the minimum of managing your infrastructure and providing help desk support; we proactively develop standards for your entire company’s IT, from your network to devices, backup, data recovery, and daily policies and procedures. We optimize your technology for both your short-term and long-term success.

A Truly Proactive Approach

Most MSPs claim to be proactive because they monitor the environment and intercede when the system alerts them of a threat. That, in our book, is still reactive. Ascent Data takes a different approach to proactivity.

We assess the risks of your IT environment against standards we have developed from our experience with many clients and security protocols. We work with you to build and implement an IT roadmap and budget based on your business plans, risk tolerance, and priorities, so you know exactly what to expect.

Relationships Built on Trust

Entrusting an IT company with your business’s technology is about more than just hardware, software, and networks. Our managed IT services are about creating a partnership with someone who knows your unique business needs and will come through for you every time. Our entire staff is full-time, and zero work is outsourced, or contracted to any third party, so you know you’re dealing with our core team and have our full attention when you need help.

True 24/7 Support

Most of our clients moved to us from other IT Service Providers who claimed 24/7 support—and most have also experienced frustration with the responsiveness of their prior vendor or staff, compounded by a high frequency of technology-related business disruptions. Our clients have their expectations exceeded. Ascent Data has dedicated helpdesk staff on site 24/7/365. Never a day (or night) goes by without a response to a customer issue.

We Put Your Needs First

In our decades of experience in the industry, we’ve learned what businesses are really looking for in a Managed Service Provider, both in terms of services you require and the type of relationship that enables the best results.

Here are some of the most common needs and concerns our customers have, and how we fill them:

“We need a strategic technology partner who can create a technology roadmap—not just a vendor.”

As part of our managed IT services, we have a leadership team that works closely with our clients to provide strategic direction. The most talented and experienced people at Ascent are on your team. Combine that expertise with proprietary standards and processes we use, and you will understand how we gain a comprehensive understanding of your business and IT environment to improve on.

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