At Ascent Data, we manage IT differently. Our services focus on helping your business grow through the right technology, going beyond just maintaining your infrastructure to provide a truly proactive partnership with businesses in Pittsburgh and the western PA, Ohio, and West Virginia area.

Managed Services Essentials

These are the essential ingredients any business must receive from their IT service provider (but not all do). We’ll reduce your IT risk through our innovative approach to enhance resilience, utilizing our 125+ proprietary IT standards, industry-leading automation tools, and vetted processes for superior outcomes.

Managed Services Security+

In today’s hostile technology environment, Ascent Data strongly advises clients to buy our full stack premium security features upgrading our Essentials package. Backed by a 24/7 SOC Team constantly monitoring and analyzing your company’s network to predict, detect, and remediate suspicious IT security risks.

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Managed IT Services Essentials Security+

Managed Services

24/7/365 Helpdesk Services, Virus/malware monitoring and removal, Remote/Onsite End-user Support, Weekly Tested/Whitelisted Critical Patch Deployment to all endpoints (Win/Mac), IT Documentation Management, End User Remote Access for in office Company PCs, and more


Centrally monitored AV/Malware protection deployed to all managed PCs

Standard Email Protection w/ Microsoft 365 MDR

Basic Email Spam filtering with the assistance of threat experts who monitor and respond in real time to critical security threats like suspicious login activity, email tampering and forwarding, and privilege escalation attempts to stop account takeovers proactively (Office 365 only)

Technical Account Manager w/ vCIO Consulting Services

A dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) will serve as your liaison with Ascent Data, ensuring your business technology needs are met. Our vCIO services include STAR reviews and IT Budget Roadmap creation to keep your business secure and running smoothly.

On-Demand Dark Web and Vulnerability Scanning

Access to our on-demand Dark Web scanner to see if your accounts have been leaked to the dark web and our network vulnerability scanning tool to see if there are security holes in your network

Security Awareness Training

Complete training and spear phishing simulation platform that empowers users to recognize today’s evolving emails threats

Automated Threat Assessments

Agent-based periodic internal threat assessments scan your network for potential security holes.

Enhanced Email Protection

Protection from targeted spear phishing attacks with an AI powered platform that can detect threats that traditional mail filtering cannot

Multifactor Authentication Unification (VPN/Email)

Access to our MFA tool that helps your organization boost security by verifying user identity, establishing device trust, and providing a secure connection to company networks and applications all in one secure app.

Cloud to Cloud Microsoft 365 Backup (Base Plan)

With Cloud-Cloud backup, your Microsoft 365 Tenant will be safely backed up in the event of a cyber event or accidental deletion where recovery is needed. This covers your entire Microsoft Tenant including, but not limited to, One-Drive/SharePoint, Teams, Email

Endpoint EDR/MDR with 24/7 SOC Monitoring

Human-led SOC, who detect and investigate threats, triage alerts, and provide actionable remediation steps– all with a less than 1% false positive rate

Centralized Password Manager

A business password manager is a tool that helps employees manage their passwords and sensitive information securely. It uses a cloud-based vault for storing passwords and other items like documents and SSH keys, accessible only via a master password. This system enhances security and simplifies the process of creating and managing strong, unique passwords for various accounts.