The problems poor network management practices create can affect your entire organization. Standards, policies, process, documentation, and periodic assessments are critical requirements to maintain a healthy IT network.


Network Configurations and Auditing

Documenting the status of your network equipment and configuration against our highly detailed set of standards is the first step in our process. Then we properly configure the existing equipment and work with you and within your budget to source and install any replacements required.


Network Licensing

We make sure existing network equipment is properly licensed for security updates. If the equipment is End-Of-Life and the manufacturer is no longer issuing security updates, we work with you to acquire new equipment that is properly licensed.


Network Patching

We patch all your network equipment, from your wireless to your firewall, to ensure that any vulnerabilities are remediated. We treat any zero-day vulnerabilities as highly critical and remediate as quickly as possible.


Network Performance Monitoring

A reliable and secure network is crucial to productivity and customer satisfaction. Ascent Data excels in network monitoring and management, utilizing advanced tools and technologies to proactively identify and resolve network issues such as slow performance, connectivity problems or security breaches before they cause disruptions.


Network Security Management

We work closely with you to apply security solutions that keep you safe without impeding the productivity and efficiency of your organization. We follow best practices regarding what services to harden/restrict and how best to allow remote access if it is necessary.


Network Compliance Management

Compliance has become a huge issue. We help you keep your network compliant with industry regulatory requirements. We work with clients in virtually every industry, and our exceptional documentation has been instrumental in helping many clients efficiently pass regulatory audits.