Because our services are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee, you’ll never have to worry about an IT cost you can't cover. With no additional IT staff needed and no initial capital investment required, you can now direct your cash to more important business growth prospects and leave the technology to us.

Five Big Reasons Why You’ll Want To Work With Ascent Data Over Any Other Cloud Provider


You need expertise that other cloud providers don’t offer.

Most cloud providers give you access to their cloud environment and software tools, and you are on your own. They’re not into handholding. It’s not profitable and they have bigger fish to fry. Ascent Data’s business is handholding. We provide service, not just access, so you can tap into our extensive cloud expertise. We will help you succeed.


Public cloud providers prey on you through their pricing model.

Our pricing is totally transparent and predictable. If you subscribe to cloud hosting services from almost any provider other than Ascent Data, especially the behemoth public cloud providers, you’ll watch with alarm every month as your invoice grows larger and larger. Just ask any of our clients who have been in the jaws of a public cloud and survived.


Make sure you have a 100% uptime guarantee.

We do. Ascent Data puts skin in the game. We understand how critical it is to be able to conduct business and how frustrating it is when your IT guy says, “Our cloud provider is down and we don’t have anybody to call.”


We built Ascent Data on service, security, and availability.

You need a cloud you can trust. The need for security, availability, and uptime was built into our DNA and is more important today than ever. We built our data center in 2001 to securely host volumes of highly confidential information on an early cloud application for the financial services industry. We’ve been focused on security ever since.


Scalability and Performance.

Scalability and performance are two key factors to consider when choosing a cloud service provider. With our cloud service, you can seamlessly scale up or down to meet your changing business needs without any disruptions to your operations.  Trust us to handle your growing demands and deliver exceptional results.