We Depend On Ascent DATA For Everything IT

Ascent Data is quick to identify issues AND quick to resolve them. They are reliable. They offer proactive recommendations. Their cybersecurity solutions, critical for a Family Office like ours, have been working effectively since we partnered with them six years ago, which was not the case with our previous provider. Ascent Data hosts our infrastructure and network in their private cloud. In fact, we depend on them for everything IT. And we like the relationship. They make sure we have exposure to their top management on a regular basis and they’re accessible anytime we want to discuss ideas.

Thomas Lavelle Chief Financial Officer
FFC Capital Corp.

Ascent Data Is Always There To Help You Out

We’ve been with Ascent Data for eight years. Every year we have a strategic review of our IT and how it impacts our business. This is largely about security, and over the years Ascent Data has helped us build a secure network. We have an account manager who keeps everything on track. He also receives escalations when tickets become urgent to us so we can keep our business moving forward. If you have urgent requests, they are always there to help you out and you can work with them on longer term goals. If you cannot or do not want to afford to hire a full time IT professional for your business, Ascent Data is a reasonably priced alternative to meet your IT needs. 

Keith Goldstrohm Co-CEO
Wojanis Hydraulic Supply

Ascent Data has made my job easier and less stressful

I asked four different IT companies, over many years, to set up each police officer with their own profile on our server. Ascent Data got this done when they first started with us in 2017, which made our department more efficient and effective.

Just recently we had a new server installed by Ascent Data and it was the smoothest transfer that I have been through, and I have had multiple servers installed over the years. They keep our backup in a secure server on a private cloud in their own data center. As a police department, we rely on their 24/7 help desk, and they have an escalation process to make sure more complex issues get fixed quickly.

I also like having a project manager assigned to our department. I know exactly who to call when we have new projects or need new equipment. He sets everything up and arranges times with their personnel, us, and/or our vendor.

The personal interaction with the company from the president to the help desk is unsurpassed. They are CJIS compliant and have done a lot of work to help us pass our CJIS audits. They care about the safety of our network and our backups.

Ascent Data has made my job less stressful and easier knowing that I can count on them to help with any computer problems we have.

Sharon Wilkes Police Operations Coordinator
Lower Burrell Police Department

A Full Team Of Experts, Exceptional Documentation, And Account Management Continuity

We used to be supported by a team of one, our guy Justin. Then, he joined Ascent Data, and we came with him. Now Justin is surrounded by experts – a dedicated help desk, network and system engineers, back-up engineers, and security people. They have all the tools and documentation. (We’re architects, we like that.) They’re all diligent in trying to fix a problem. We’ve gone from a team of one to Ascent Data’s team of 23 and a documented escalation process. And Justin is still on our business. I only had trouble getting a response one time. Pretty good for five years.

Robert Schafer Vice President
HHSDR Architects

With Ascent Data, We’re Self-sufficient, Secure, and Fully Supported

We’re a Family Office that needed IT support after we sold our operating company. Ascent Data got us up and running with a new network (set up securely in their cloud, by the way). We all used to have to go through the internal IT person, which was not really a problem for an owner, but could be frustrating for the staff. Now were set up so everybody can troubleshoot their own issues directly with the Ascent Data team. They know our environment and have turned out to be very competent, helpful, and patient.

Laura Snavely Owner
Snavely Warwick

Two municipalities. One IT Partner.

When I was hired to be the Manager of the City of Lower Burrell, Ascent Data was managing their IT, and I was initially skeptical. After proper onboarding and excellent communication from the team at Ascent, we had great success in the City.

As I accepted the role of Manager in Harrison Township, I was relieved to learn that Ascent Data was already in place as our IT provider. The transition was seamless and was one less item to address as I started a new position. We value Ascent prioritizing our needs and working with us to accomplish our IT goals.

Amy Rockwell Township Manager
Harrison Township

A Merger With Benefits

We own an art gallery and have a significant business in corporate art installations. Information Technology isn’t our strong suit. When we have a tech issue, Ascent Data comes to the rescue and our stress levels drop immediately. We’re really glad our previous tech company merged into Ascent Data. Easy transition. We love the security of knowing professionals are watching out for our interests. You guys do a great job!  Thx for your care and attention.

James Frederick Owner
James Gallery

Knowledgeable Staff, More Resources, And Chat Support

The single largest benefit to the Butler City Police Department is having knowledgeable staff at the upper end. Ascent Data has more resources than our former IT provider and they are willing to work with you when needed.

“The support chat option is a great feature that every IT company should have. The responses are way quicker than using the help desk. The majority of the tickets are tracked, and you receive email updates. That is kind of nice. To be honest with you, we do not save every ticket number given.”

Sergeant Caleb J. Forsythe Butler City Police Department

More IT Services and A Trusted Technology Partner

We hired Ascent Data because we needed more expertise and options than we had internally. We now have a dedicated private cloud hosted by Ascent Data in their own secure data center. They did a great job setting up our network and systems and we have had zero downtime. I now have a strategic IT partner I trust, and we don’t need any internal IT people.

Brian McCarthy President
Valley Tire Co.

No Need To Worry With Ascent Data!

I was a little skeptical when Ascent Data bought our former IT provider. No need. Ascent’s help desk availability is better than any other IT firm we have used in the past, even for employees who work after regular hours. The ticketing and reporting are better, which helps our administration track who is having the issues. Life is better with Ascent Data.

Susan Golden Susan Golden Office Manager
GR Smalley