Top Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a popular buzzword in the technology industry over the last few years. With good reason–cloud solutions provide a wide range of benefits for businesses, no matter your size or industry. You might be hesitant to make the leap to the cloud, but studies show that the cloud is already a big part of successful modern businesses and will only continue to grow.

Learn about the top benefits of cloud computing, and why your business should take advantage of this game-changing technology. 

Reduced Costs

One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is the reduced costs. When businesses move to the cloud, they can typically reduce their IT costs by 15%. This is because businesses no longer need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware and software and labor and maintenance for said hardware–this is all taken care of by the cloud provider. Cloud technology increases productivity without demanding a high initial investment.

Increased Efficiency

Cloud computing can improve how your team collaborates. By sharing documents and other files in the cloud, employees and coworkers can easily work together regardless of location or device type (smartphone, tablet, etc.). This increased efficiency means that your whole workforce is on the same page, no matter their location or role. 

You’ll reduce downtime and increase security thanks to your cloud provider’s dedication to keeping their services secure and operational. The cloud also makes it easier to implement new technologies as they become available, allowing you to improve  day to day tasks without delay.

Better Security

Moving to the cloud also provides improved security for businesses. Cloud providers typically use advanced security software and protocols to establish multiple layers of protection for the entire system. You still need to secure individual computers and devices, but your business data will be safer than ever in the hands of a reputable cloud provider.

Improved Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing also provides disaster recovery benefits for businesses. Everything is stored in one secure, central location and cloud hosting providers can quickly restore business data if they experience a cyber-attack or hardware failure. In fact, many cloud providers have backup power generators and multiple internet connections to prevent downtime from occurring. 

Access to Innovative Technology

Another cloud computing benefit is the ability to test new ideas and experiment with the latest technology. By working with a cloud provider, you have access to the newest software, applications, and tools without having to make a large investment. For example, with the cloud you can experiment with technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

The cloud gives your business the ability to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of new technology as it becomes available.

Ascent Data’s Private Cloud

The benefits of cloud computing are too great to ignore. Moving to the cloud could provide your business with these benefits and more. Ascent Data offers private cloud solutions housed in our SOC2 Type 2 audited in-house data center.

We design our services to fit your demands, whether it’s data backup or recovery in the Cloud, and we go above and beyond to satisfy them. Get in touch with Ascent Data today!