7 Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s suite of productivity services that are designed to work across multiple platforms. It includes Outlook, Sharepoint, Teams, OneDrive, and more.

For most organizations, it makes sense to consolidate their IT ecosystem around Office 365, as it integrates well with most applications and can automate many of their processes. It can be migrated to in a number of different ways depending on the organization’s specific needs and requirements.

The following sections outline seven benefits organizations experience when they migrate to Microsoft 365.

1. Microsoft 365 Integrates with Existing Infrastructure

Office 365 integrates well with both cloud-based applications and on-premise environments. It can be deployed in a hybrid environment, where some applications are run from Microsoft’s cloud while others utilize locally-downloaded applications. This enables organizations to customize their services for each user or device.

It also integrates well with other cloud-based services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, which means organizations don’t have to worry about it not working with their existing infrastructure.

2. O365 Gives Organizations Mobility at Their Fingertips

If your organization is dependent on its employees having remote access to documents and applications, Microsoft 365 is designed just for you. You’ll have access to Microsoft’s suite of applications, which means that your employees can access, edit, save and share their documents from almost any device.

It also works across web browsers, tablets, and smartphones, so it’s easy for workers who are using Macs, Apple products, Linux, and other devices to access it. 

3. O365 Simplifies Administration

Microsoft has designed O365 with the needs of organizations in mind so that administration costs are kept low while still maintaining a high level of security.

The platform is designed to be accessible through Microsoft’s own web-based portal called Microsoft 365 Admin Center, which allows administrators to manage resources in one consolidated platform. It also incorporates Microsoft SCCM so that organizations can deploy applications across thousands of users quickly and easily.

4. It Offers Compliance with Microsoft Standards

Office 365 includes compliance standards so that organizations more easily ensure the installation will meet regulatory requirements they may have.

O365 has also undergone extensive third-party testing to earn its enterprise-grade security seal of approval, which means it’s a highly secure platform for sending, storing, and managing data.

5. O365 Provides a Lower Total Cost of Ownership

O365 is easy to deploy and maintain across a large number of users at an affordable price. It is a subscription-based service where you pay per employee, per month. That way, your costs are controlled and you can easily manage budgets as you add new employees or devices.

Microsoft’s existing relationships with large IT providers also allow them to provide organizations the ability to purchase licenses through their current service providers, which can often be packaged into existing services.

6. It is User-Friendly

O365 includes Microsoft’s core productivity applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive, providing organizations with the ability to standardize on products that will provide employees with familiar interfaces no matter which application they are using.

All applications are stored in one easy-to-use platform, making it simpler for employees to keep track of their tasks and communications.

7. Microsoft 365 Prepares Organizations for the Future of Work

Microsoft’s vision for its products is one of mobility and collaboration, where employees can work together regardless of which device they are using or where they are located. Microsoft 365 is designed to be rolled out across an entire organization, making employees more productive and allowing organizations to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of a modern workforce.

Microsoft will only continue to innovate and add features to its suite of applications hosted within O365, so investing in its services is a good way to prepare your business to reach its long-term technology goals.

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