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Nonprofits need a technology infrastructure that will support their efforts to expand their cause, which is why Ascent Data makes it our goal to help nonprofits achieve just that. From security to complete managed IT services, Ascent Data can help your nonprofit reach its potential.

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Ascent Data Helps Your Nonprofit Reach New Heights

At Ascent Data, we are committed to helping nonprofits achieve their goals through technology. We know that maintaining security for your donors’ information in a cost-effective way is key for your business to function effectively. We help you accomplish your mission-driven goals, all while taking into account your budget needs.

We offer IT services for nonprofits of all sizes, from small organizations to large entities. And we partner with you so that you can focus on what matters most—your cause.

Microsoft 365 and Cloud Hosting

Nonprofit organizations need reliable ways to stay in communication with their current donors, potential donors, and volunteers. And that means accessing technology that enables your staff to work from anywhere, on any device, without interruptions.

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  • Improve Collaboration: We provide cloud applications such as Microsoft 365 that enable you to connect virtually with your staff and donors at any time. Our solutions also allow you to consolidate your applications onto one platform, increasing productivity and simplifying your training for new volunteers.
  • Enhance Security: Our fully-managed cloud hosting solution comes with regular patches and updates, meaning you don’t have to worry about vulnerabilities causing unexpected interruptions that could impact time-sensitive efforts.
  • Achieve Scalability: Nonprofits need to maximize every dollar, meaning they have to be able to scale their processes at a budget-friendly cost. We make operations such as fundraising easy with completely scalable cloud solutions, which allow you to reduce or increase demands when needed (such as during a large charity event).

Total Managed IT Services

With our complete IT services for nonprofits, you’ll have a dedicated team of experts to handle your IT from top to bottom at an affordable price. We provide a cost-effective solution for you to spend less time troubleshooting technology and more time furthering your cause.

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  • True 24/7 Support: The time of every one of your volunteers or employees is invaluable. One minute wasted could mean a potential donor lost. We provide true 24/7 support, 365 days a year, so that you never have to worry about your technology failing when you need it most.
  • Strategic Consulting: One of your most important tasks is strategizing your events, meetings, and drives to meet your long-term goals as an organization. We help you achieve your goals by aligning your technology strategy with your internal strategy so it can support your efforts at every turn. 

Cybersecurity and Compliance

As a nonprofit, your donor information needs to be kept highly secure, as well as follow regulatory requirements for data storage. Our cybersecurity and compliance services include proactive security measures that ensure your data is safe from malicious attacks.  

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  • Protect Early Against Threats: We regularly monitor your network activity against the latest threats and follow industry best practices to identify security gaps before they can become vulnerabilities. After all, it’s easier to prevent a breach than to manage one after the fact.
  • Preserve Data Integrity: We maintain data integrity by monitoring your systems on an ongoing basis, meaning you have more time to spend finding donors instead of worrying about security. We monitor existing or potential threats, and detect anomalous behavior to prevent unplanned downtime and interruptions.
  • Remain Compliant with Industry Standards: We provide nonprofits with a way to maintain compliance, identifying your risk level and assess the most appropriate actions to take in response.

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