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Pittsburgh Help Desk – 24/7 Support

One of Pittsburgh’s largest utility companies and one of our largest retailers use the Ascent Data Help Desk.

The utility company has us handle overflow during their business hours and all the night and weekend calls. We answer the phone with their name and work in their ticketing system. Their users never know the difference. Our retail client has us handle specialty calls and dispatch tickets to their vendors.

We handle all the calls for our managed services clients in our own ticketing system and keep their businesses operating, and their users happy, around the clock all year long.

It all comes down to dollars. For most companies, it simply is not cost effective to staff a support desk around the clock. But, that doesn’t keep your staff productive. Ascent Data offers Pittsburgh Help Desk Support 24x7x365, saving our clients the time and money needed to staff and manage an in-house team of technical support experts.

Wide range of support solutions:

We staff very talented and specialized IT support personnel who…

  • Assess and problem-solve PC & network issues
  • Configure hardware
  • Install software applications
  • Remove viruses
  • Provide offsite data backup and recovery
  • And much, much more


Convenient access:

We’re always available 24/7 and ready to solve your issues, and if need be, come onsite. If you support your users during the day and only need our Help Desk support for nights and weekends, no problem.

Best practices:

We always employ best practices when servicing technology, and we also proactively help you meet best practices for your IT infrastructure.

More time:

With a team dedicated to IT support, you can reduce employee downtime and improve productivity.

More savings:

Contracting with Ascent Data translates into a lower cost solution for you, freeing up funds to spend on other needs.

More happiness:

Ascent Data offers the best IT service, which translates into more satisfied users that have fewer complaints about IT.

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