IT Services for Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses are some of the best-positioned organizations to benefit from solid, robust networks and excellent IT management. As you work to produce exceptional results for your clients, the business processes you build are increasingly dependent on many kinds of technology (including QA, defect analysis, timing and scheduling, and more), optimizing production, saving costs, and turning out better products.

For many manufacturing businesses, a big problem is a lack of dedicated in-house IT talent and investment in managing the company’s technology infrastructure.

Ascent Data can help! One of our specializations is managed IT services for manufacturing businesses, and our team works hard to create comprehensive systems to drive productivity and deliver secure operations.

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Networking and Cloud Services

With the appropriate cloud build and setup, companies can thrive by applying modern technology to manufacturing. Ascent Data works with businesses like yours to establish cloud and on-premises infrastructure, use machine-to-machine (M2M) or other methodologies, and, ultimately, build a high-performing network. 

Whether it’s choosing a platform based on workload characteristics, understanding how data moves through the network, or leveraging this information to positively impact day to day operations, Ascent Data will partner with your manufacturing businesses for optimized results.


Another significant component of managed services for organizations in your field is keeping your data safe as it moves throughout your organization and beyond. Whether that involves end-to-end hash encryption, perimeter firewall, or other preventative measures, Ascent Data is proactive when it comes to setting up a comprehensive cybersecurity structure. 

We can also consult with you about edge computing, shielded networking, and other models. Our team of experts will help you apply those concepts to systems that include the M2M processes that are so useful in manufacturing.

Backup and Disaster Recovery in Data Centers

The key to optimizing manufacturing technology outcomes is to have all the options at your command. The data center may be at the heart of a business’s digital footprint. Ascent Data’s SOC2 audited data center provides a robust option for backing up on-premise computing resources in a secure and redundant location. Whether your business is large or small, downtime and data loss or corruption can have a serious, sometimes catastrophic, impact on your finances and reputation. Ascent Data provides resilience so that a single point of failure doesn’t wreck reporting systems and take out the computing network that supports productivity.

We’ll help you establish and maintain reliable systems, security and availability. Your customers will sleep better knowing their orders will be fulfilled and their data is secure.

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Talk to Ascent Data today about better tech-directed manufacturing and managed IT services to help you develop the most suitable systems for your manufacturing business. Together, we’ll drive productivity and build safe and secure operations.

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