According to a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group, mobile technology is helping small to mid-sized businesses grow. Mobile devices have become an essential tool for small businesses. In fact, a 2014 study conducted by the Small Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE) Council, found that 94% of SMBs use mobile phones in some capacity for work purposes. Specifically, how are these technologies helping companies grow?


The simple answer is that they are saving time and lowering costs. Business owners now have more online resources available and at little to no cost. Companies that are effectively using mobile technology are seeing substantial growth. Below are some benefits that SMBs have cited as major contributors to that growth.


Connecting with customers and streamlining operations. The study by Boston Consulting Group found that companies that used mobile to connect with customers and streamline processes increased revenue two times faster than those that did not.


Increasing flexibility and agility. Today’s workforce is more accessible than ever, using devices to work remotely, outside of regular office hours. Mobile technology has also allowed employees to access learning or training resources from anywhere to help them develop their skills.


Utilizing mobile payments. If you have ever gone to a trade show, convention, outside retail event or other small shop, you are probably familiar with the troubles of “cash only”. Now, you’re likely to hear that requirement less often. More SMBs are taking advantage of the convenience and low-cost of using devices like phones and tablets to process payments securely.


Embracing mobile devices may be key in driving business growth, but it is also crucial for companies to plan and have the right security strongholds to keep data safe. If your SMB is implementing or using mobile technology already, it is important to assess your security standards and consult with a managed services provider to help you take full advantage of these tools.

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