Many small and medium sized business realize the need for a Chief Information Officer (CIO), but may not have the funds to support an on-site staff member. Even for those that do have one, that individual is often juggling various projects and workloads, as well as trying to manage the daily IT needs of a business while developing the long-term strategy. Supporting a quality CIO that can meet your organization’s demands can be difficult for businesses. However, companies can still have the benefits of a CIO while minimizing the costs, by using a virtual CIO.

Role of a Virtual CIO

A virtual CIO or vCIO is often an outsourced IT professional that manages all the information technology needs of a company, so that you and your organization can focus on day-to-day tasks and other duties. Some businesses may not need an on-site CIO, in fact there are several benefits to outsourcing the role. Below we have compiled some of the top benefits a virtual CIO can bring to small and medium-size businesses.

Benefits of a Virtual CIO

Serves as a cost-effective IT solution for SMBs.

Perhaps the top benefit for working with a virtual CIO is that it is cost-effective. Although many smaller businesses may not be able to afford a full-time onsite CIO, having one may be crucial to their business development and success. With a vCIO, companies have the quality IT expertise and resources that they need to grow and succeed without the high costs of supporting a position within their organization.

Provides added IT security and protection.

Virtual CIOs from IT services companies may have more tools and resources at their disposal. These extra resources can allow them to monitor and manage your network from anywhere and at any time of the day. If a security threat is detected, they can respond quickly and efficiently.

Devotes time and resources to long-term strategy.

Virtual CIOs can help your organization assess your technological needs and develop long-term solutions. Since they are not an internal member of your organization, they can serve as a “fresh set of eyes” to analyze your infrastructure, security and other IT processes.


With a virtual CIO, small and medium sized businesses can still take advantage of all the benefits that come with a chief information officer without the costs that are associated with it. In addition, a vCIO can analyze your IT needs, expose issues that perhaps your organization hadn’t had the time or expertise to uncover before and provide efficient solutions, saving your business from costly disasters.


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