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Ascent Data Offers E-Recycling Programs through Partnership with Sister Company, Sequoia Waste Solutions

Ascent Data has partnered with sister company, Sequoia Waste Solutions to offer secure, responsible E-Recycling of old and obsolete electronics. Understanding the burden these materials can cause at a facility, Sequoia offers a more cost effective solution for this aspect of a company’s waste stream.

Sequoia brings value and simplicity to the E-Recycling process. “We take the burden off of the client by using proprietary technologies to reduce costs and improve operational management. Using client-specific requirements, Sequoia identifies the most appropriate E-Recycling partner, negotiates the best deal, and provides the most efficient program in terms of cost and environmental stewardship. In addition, our easy-to-use customer portal provides documentation and online reporting functionality,” said Graham Rihn, Director, Sequoia Waste Solutions.

Sequoia provides secure data destruction and end-of-life solutions for computers, monitors, cell phones, mobile devices, power supplies, batteries, printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, telecommunication equipment and other electronics.

“E-Recycling is a natural extension of the IT infrastructure and data security solutions that we already provide to our clients. Sequoia’s recycling partners are industry certified, ensure data security and are committed to Responsible Recycling and environmental safety standards,” said Joe Jones, SVP and COO at Ascent Data.

About Ascent Data
Ascent Data is Pittsburgh’s trusted provider for Cloud Computing solutions and Data Center services, including Colocation and IT Services, Encryption of Data-in-Motion, Remote Managed Services and Digital Data Backup, and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions.

Customer infrastructure and applications are protected in our secure, resilient, state-of-the-art SSAE 16 Compliant data center in O’Hara Township, near Pittsburgh, PA. By outsourcing IT infrastructure to Ascent Data, companies can dramatically improve operational efficiencies and reduce business risk, as well as free up human and financial resources to focus on core business objectives. For more information, please contact the Ascent Data sales team by email at sales@ascentdata.com, call 866.866.6100 or visit www.ascentdata.com.

About Sequoia Waste Solutions
Sequoia Waste Solutions is a service company solely focused on managing the waste and recycling operation of our clients. We are experienced in creating client-specific waste solutions that match building materials with our partner network of service providers and equipment mechanisms to ensure the most efficient program in terms of costs and environmental stewardship. The service itself begins at the locations on-site but is managed through an advanced technology which facilitates ongoing expense and operational management, an easy to use customer portal, and a business intelligence tool to understand market dynamics. Our services target the contractual, operational, and environmental phases of our client’s waste and recycling programs to reduce our client’s costs through increased efficiency. Visit www.sequoiawaste.com or call 412.968.3990.

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