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Ascent Data provides IT managed services that help small and medium sized businesses in the Pittsburgh region become more efficient, more competitive and more secure – on premise, in the cloud, and in our own SOC2 audited data center. We deliver better outcomes more cost effectively than most companies can internally.

The companies that come to Ascent Data generally have between 20 and 500 employees, and they have top executives who understand that without superb IT direction and execution their entire company is working at a disadvantage. They have modest IT departments with tight budgets, or have a go-to person outside who comes in to maintain or fix equipment.

It is our priority to...


... monitor, protect and secure your IT operations, your IT infrastructure and your company's productivity. We can safeguard your IT infrastructure at your location, or in our safe, secure data center engineered to deliver the resiliency, reliability, data security and concern for privacy you demand. We've also made it a priority to become experts at augmenting your staff capabilities and providing full 24x7 local support service.

Augment Staff
Provide 24x7
Support Service

What to Expect When Working With Us

Our clients' satisfaction, trust and success are of the utmost importance to us. They are the core drivers of our credo and guide our approach to business and solution development. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we...

  • measure our success by the value our customers, shareholders and communities ascribe to us
  • recruit and retain intelligent people who hunger for continual improvement
  • work hard to create and enhance value in everything we do, every day
  • take measures to make our clients more valuable to their organizations

  • accelerate customer value creation

  • encourage and support self-improvement

  • value and engage in our community
We exist to transform technology
into value for our customers.

Our Credo

We believe in private enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit. Technology has become central to business and to life in this century. Mastery of technology is the enabler of value creation and the crucial element to success. Our team works across many businesses, industries and technologies. We exist to apply our technology expertise to creating technology and business success for our clients.

We believe in the highest level of security and business ethics. We find the concept of intruding, spying and stealing of data by anyone - governments, competitors, or hackers - and the impunity with which they operate, undeniably offensive. We are driven to protect our clients' data, information and privacy at all times. We maintain strict security and privacy systems, standards and policies, and protect your data with absolute dedication.

We believe IT would always be the company hero if it had the right resources. We have the broad experience and expertise that organizations need, but often don't have the internal resources to provide. We apply this experience and expertise flexibly to fulfill the needs of our customers.

We believe in the utmost security of data infrastructure, which is achieved through off-site data centers. After years of being on both sides of the technology desk, vendor and customer, we have learned that IT organizations that keep their critical infrastructure and data in-house are consciously enduring an ill-advised risk. However, we have also found that IT departments are reluctant to turn over control of their data to a large data center operator, and often harbor the fear that the concept of shipping the crown jewels to the cloud abandons accountability. In turn, we have structured our data center business around alleviating these concerns with our SOC 2 audited data center here in Pittsburgh and remote options you can trust.

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