Technology has become a vital part of many businesses. It increases worker efficiency, fosters collaboration, reduces costs and is associated with many other benefits. However, the devices that we use contain hazardous chemicals that can leak out into and damage the environment when disposed of improperly or in landfills. This is why many states require electronics be recycled rather than thrown in the trash. Recycling old electronics such as mobile phones and laptops is beneficial for the environment and is often seen as a social responsibility for businesses. There is another danger that companies face when devices are carelessly thrown out━data breaches.


If your business does not take the necessary steps to remove information and files from old devices, it could lead to a costly data breach. In healthcare, improper disposal of devices is one of the top three causes of data breaches.


To ensure that old electronics are disposed of properly and that data is secure, businesses should consult with an IT services companies and follow these data disposal tips.

Wipe the hard drive.

Wiping a computer hard drive is more complicated than just erasing all the files. Hackers and other users can still recover data that way. Businesses must not only wipe files from devices but completely clear the hard drive. One way to do that is by using a disk-cleaning tool or software.

Avoid storing old devices.

The longer an old device that hasn’t been properly prepped for recycling is stored, the more at-risk it is of becoming the source of a data breach. Devices that are just sitting around an office are not only burdensome but can be lost or stolen. Any remaining data on them could be accessed. Businesses should contact an e-recycler or IT company as soon as possible to get expert assistance on removing data from the device.

Choose a responsible e-recycling company.

Responsible e-recycling companies are required to meet certain standards for recycling electronics. Many may even offer data removal services for businesses to ensure that confidential information is properly removed from devices. Companies should research their local e-recycling providers for one that is highly reviewed and recommended.


Ascent Data offers e-recycling programs through a partnership with Sequoia Waste Solutions. If your business has old devices to recycle, it can participate in the program and ensure that devices are properly disposed. Interested companies can contact us for more information.