As the time for spring cleaning rolls around, don’t forget one of the most important items to clean━your digital data and devices. Cleaning up and organizing digital data is essential for small and medium-sized businesses.


In this blog, we’ve highlighted some important and low-cost solutions that small businesses can employ to clean up their digital data. If you don’t have the time to clean your data or you would like it to be done securely, by professionals, a managed services provider (MSP) can help you make sure that your data is clean and secure.


Backup Your Data

A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that only 54% of SMBs back up more than half of their data using encryption. While 40% of IT professionals believe that a major loss of data would cause their company to go under. SMBs can protect themselves from data loss and the repercussions by establishing a data recovery plan and backing up data in a secure location. For instance, IT services companies like Ascent Data can help SMBs back up their data into a secure, remote location like the cloud.


Declutter Your Systems

If your hardware and other devices are cluttered up with unnecessary data it can not only slow down your productivity but also be a potential security risk. Some businesses can utilize free tools for both mobile and desktop devices to help them clean out unimportant data. Examples of tools include CCleaner for desktops and for mobile Clean Master, which can clean out systems for users. For optimal security, SMBs can also work with MSPs to help clear out data on devices to increase their performance.



SMBs should recycle old and unwanted devices securely. Ascent Data partners with Sequoia Waste Solutions to help business owners wipe unwanted devices of information and recycle them with a cost-efficient, secure e-recycling facility. For more tips on recycling electronic devices securely, view our tips here.


More SMBs are realizing the value of data. Data can give companies a competitive-edge, but if it is not well-maintained and protected, it could also destroy them. SMBs need to practice smart data management and security in order to reap the benefits of big data and keep their company moving forward. For more data cleaning and security tips, small and medium-sized business owners can check out the Better Business Bureau resources here.